日本人の魂に迫る竹笛の調べ 朱鷺(とき)たたら TATARA TOKI OFFICIAL WEBSITE
日本人の魂に迫る竹笛の調べ 朱鷺(とき)たたら TATARA TOKI OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Tatara TOKI, was born in Kyoto and studied at municipal music high school of Horikwa in Kyoto (flute course) and graduated at the University of Doushisha in Kyoto (philosophy course of the Faculty of Literature). Diploma of 2nd Dan in Japanese Iaido.
Her music life activity in the research of bamboo flutes, which are somewhat nostalgic and resides in the souls of Japanese people, with a theme of how to reflect them upon the hearts of this generation. In pursuit of the potential of the shinobue (Japanese bamboo flute)
Which do not have their own classicals pieces, she actively composes her many own works and performs. Having cultivated techniques with Japanese traditional style as well as Western classical music, her performing style with high levels of technique to good use, are received in high regard in every aspect.
Her artist name "Tatara" is derived from the shocking impression she felt from iron making techniques from the middle ages. A glimpse of the source of the power of construction of our ancestors is offered in the "Nittoho Tatara" by Okuizumo.
Like this, she reflects upon herself, entrusting an invisible yet certain thing passed down from our ancestors to our generation to flutes, and considers it as the source point of creativity.
She released many CDs in various works and has also participated in various CD and DVD.
She is also the leader of "TOKI club" for her own disciples.
Director of the Japan shinobue association (Institute) professor at Okayama Niimi public University. Shinobue Instructor (Japanese traditional music club) at the Ueno Gakuen Music University.