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Spiral~ Helix
On sale February 2, 2022

I felt like seeing an invisible audience while playing.

I was blowing a whistle to an audience who wasn't here yet.

Please receive this music.

Tatara Toki

​Spiral Helix Tatara Toki

Entrust the breath of life to the sound. Tatara Toki, a whistle with a clear breath of the wild through a single bamboo

Mikita Hase, a Japanese drum that produces powerful, dusty beats

Kenichiro Shinzawa, a piano whose deep musicality is sometimes even philosophical

Shinsuke Usui, a cello who runs freely from classic to rock while smiling

Gentle, steady, but hot man percussion, Hiroshi Adachi

While each has a different musical background,

To be close to a certain language of Japanese musical instruments,

A song is spun in one scenery played by five people

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