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Introduction of PROGRAM e training camp    

  Basic lesson method   

The text basically uses a staff notation. We will also give you an original musical notation as a teaching material, but it is notated in staff notation. This is because it can be applied to various fields. In addition, playing methods teach methods based on Western music.

Basic practice

As a practice of playing the transverse flute, we always practice the basics. Based on the text, we will thoroughly practice long tones, sound jumping practice, vibrato, etc.

​Guidance from top teachers

Each time, the instructor will be given the opportunity to invite and play with players who are active on the front lines in various fields, not limited to Japanese and Western musical instruments such as Shinobue, Japanese drums, piano, guitar, and bass. Experience the depth of music that you can't learn by yourself.

Unique to the training camp

​Duets and ensemble lessons between participants who do not usually interact with each other are also held, so you can spend a slightly different time from everyday life. At night, the music is discussed with the instructor and friends, and during the period, the flute is in full swing.

​Training camp so far (2018-)
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