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Introducing the workshop    


​Direct guidance from professionals

Every time, we will give the instructor an opportunity to invite and play with players who are active in various fields, not limited to Japanese and Western musical instruments such as Shinobue, Japanese drums, piano, guitar, and bass. Experience the depth of music that you can't learn by yourself.


​From basics to applications

You can choose a course according to your time, such as morning course, afternoon course, and full-day course. The content of the course was wide-ranging, including those centered on basic courses and those centered on ensembles.​ It has become a thing.

Special site

As with the training camp, we will prepare a special site for the students at the workshop . The site is full of various contents such as texts, sound sources, instructional videos, as well as venue information.

As a benefit for students, unlimited music downloads and unlimited video viewing! !! You can use it as a preparation site before the class and as a review site after the class. 

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