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Shinobue LIVE-Spring Survey-

Shinobue LIVE @ dressing room delivery service held on May 1, 2021. Please enjoy wonderful music and fun MC.

Shinobue LIVE-Spring Survey-
Shinobue LIVE-Spring Survey-


Delivery live

Nakameguro dressing room


Shinobue LIVE held at Nakameguro "Backstage" on May 1, 2021

Flute: Tatara Toki Wadaiko: Kenichi Koizumi Guitar: Takasugikei


  • Shinobue LIVE

    On May 1, 2021, we will deliver a video of the live performance held at Nakameguro "Rakuya". You can watch it whenever and wherever you like. *Please note that you will be responsible for any packet communication charges incurred when using the service.





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