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Whistle fortune-telling FAQ

  • 1. Do you want me to compose only by the number of birthdays (= sound)?
    In whistle fortune-telling, the number of birth dates of the commissioner is applied to the tablature of Shinobue to derive the sound. In this way, it is based on sounds with a limited number of births. However, for example, in the case of the number of births on January 18, 1945, the sound is 1 = do, 8 = high do, and there is only one sound although there is a height difference. Changes in rhythm Only changes in the height difference of the octave I can't hope for the development of the melody, and since it is a performance in the style of a solo flute, It cannot be changed by the code. In this way, it is extremely difficult to create a melody that includes slowness and speed as a music piece of a certain level. Moreover, it will not be possible to express the inspiration received from the client. Therefore, as a result, we also use sounds other than the number of births.
  • 2. I can't blow the whistle, can you ask?
    Of course. We also accept requests from anyone.
  • 3. I am a flute lover. Can you make a song that suits your playing level?
    Unfortunately, it is not accepted by "whistle fortune-telling". This is because the requester's own performance level cannot be measured.
  • 4. How is the song title of the work decided?
    When Mr. Tatara Toki composes, there are cases where a melody is born earlier and cases where imagination precedes. In both cases, the song title should be the entire song when it is completed. I think of it as a single point of aggregation, as if it were a summary. In that sense, it can be said that the song title itself summarizes the inspiration from the commissioners. However, each word has a different concept. The concept that Mr. Tatara Toki has in a word is different from that of a person. As a premise, I would like to ask for your understanding. We will never give a song title with a label that intentionally hurt the commissioner.
  • 5. Can the commissioner sell the score of the work that I had made for myself?
    I'm sorry, but we have stopped it. The copyright belongs to us. For songs related to songs (excluding fortune-telling appraisals and secretariat operating expenses), please consider the consideration for the composer's skills.
  • 6. Can I play the work I made for myself in public?
    Please feel free to use it as long as it is within your personal enjoyment. The composer is a JASRAC member, so please see the following materials for copyright.
  • 7. From when to when is the individual year?
    Actually, the start and end times of this year's individual year will differ depending on the number of the individual. Please check the certificate for each individual period. Numerology also has some sort of school, In some cases, everyone is fixed and refers to the year from January to December. In some cases, it is defined as one year from the month of birth. There are various ways of thinking, but This time, we adopted the method that can calculate the target period most accurately, so The period varies depending on the individual. However, even if it is stated that the personal year of "6" will start from April, It will not change clearly from April 1st. The energy of 5 is gradually decreasing toward the end of March, In April, the energy of 6 goes up beyond 5. Such a gentle switch will occur.
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