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The first collection of songs sent by Tatara Toki. From the arrangement of the lyrical song for Shinobue solo (Sakura Saki, Akatonbo), the original recorded on the CD already mentioned, the works created by the flute fortune-telling project that started last year, and for the performers who are active on the stage. We have collected small pieces with new ideas that are convenient for adjusting the time between curtains and that allow you to freely customize the playing time. A code is added to the flute fortune-telling song. For Shinobue players, a moving score and a real score are also included. It is also ideal for those who want to deepen their understanding of the relationship between the transposing instrument Shinobue's moving instrument and the actual sound. The sound source can be downloaded and streamed from the web. (* Excluding songs recorded on CD) Price: 3,000 yen (tax included) Sales: Shinobue no Sato  Included songs: Sakura bloom, red dragonfly, floating clouds, heavenly wind, wave song etc. Kicking Pass, Oshino, Yukasato etc.  [Caution] * Please be sure to read. It is a download product.

Tatara Toki Whistle Melodies For Shinobue Download Version

SKU: TS-1001
Sales Tax Included
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