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Registration for this course has ended.Thank you to everyone who applied.

"November 4th (holiday / Monday) Wadaiko & Shinobue Workshop will be held ♪

Workshop presented by Tatara Toki and Japanese drum Kenichi Koizumi

The content is that there is a lot of trouble.

This spring's Japanese drum and flute training camp was very meaningful, so
Let's do a one-day course! So, I decided to hold it this fall.

This time ... Beginners are welcome!

Welcome to the flute and drums!

Please come from someone who has a whistle for the first time.
There are many serious people who think that they should receive it after they can play it.

Isn't it not necessary to take a beginner's class once you can play? !! The beginning is important.

Why didn't you hear this first!
If I knew this, I might have skipped a few steps and went to the previous place.

There are many things like that.

Get crazy and start the lesson.

It's about taiko.

We asked Mr. Koizumi what he is paying particular attention to this time.

Then ...

In the case of taiko,

I often have a hard time balancing the "dominant hand" and the "non-dominant hand".
How to train the "non-dominant hand"
I want to follow the concrete method.

It was that.

is this,
A "devil's thumb" for a pianist?

I thought that the little finger and ring finger were demons,
According to my friend's pianist, the devil is a "thumb".

It is said that he will hit hard.
I see

Oops, the story went awry.

Taiko's "non-dominant hand"

The weaker hand, isn't it?

The same is true for the whistle.
The same can be said for fingers and for tonguing * techniques.

(* We will not do tonguing in this workshop. Of course, we will accept questions.)

While trying out how to use the body,
I will also challenge the ensemble.

Beginners can use the melody for beginners
Experienced people have prepared songs that can be played together at the same time from the viewpoint of how to develop variations of simple melody and play it while using flute-like decorative fingers.

For experienced people, to devise variations and practice
For beginners, future developments are presented.

Besides the ensemble,
We have taiko drums and flutes, so I'm thinking of enjoying the session.

Oh, don't squeeze in there!
fine! !!

I will prepare properly.
I will patchwork some riffs (maybe even fragments of tunes) by choosing the one that suits me.

Feel free to combine patchwork yourself.
Materials will be prepared here.

Let me show you how to combine them.
When I make it like that,
That's it, it's so cool in a blink of an eye, oh, it's exciting!

I would like to share such an experience with all the participants.

You can fully participate for a day.
And at the last time, mini-mini live ♪

I will rehearse in front of you.
Rehearsals are usually something you don't want to show.
Because it is in a state of preparing material.

There is also a situation that there is no room, but more than that,
Almost in full view,
I feel like I should have something I can bring with me.

I would like everyone who participates in this course to bring back even one.

See, steal, listen, steal

I hear such words, but
Stealing requires considerable knowledge and technique.

In this course, what is the target of stealing in the first place?
Get to know even one point of interest,

If you can pay attention to that point by playing the instructor at the mini-live, hurray! !!
I think.

However, if you can enjoy the live performance, it's hurray!

As the number of participants is limited, please apply as soon as possible.

You can see details such as time and place from the following site.

Well then, we are waiting for you at the venue!


Thorough basic training


It's hard to make sound recently. I just can't proceed from here. I don't know what's wrong. In order to overcome that barrier, it is essential to review the foundation and further brush up. Let's deepen the basics thoroughly and make a big leap. Why don't you jump over the wall?

Professional training directly


Why don't you start playing Japanese drums and Shinobue from scratch? Lecturers are Japanese drum "Kenichi Koizumi" and Shinobue "Tatara Toki". We invited two people who are active on the front lines. I'm interested, but I don't know where to learn, which classroom should I go to? I will eliminate that anxiety.

Wadaiko / Shinobue


This is a workshop for the "Wadaiko / Shinobue" set. A combination that was unlikely until now. I wanted to experience it once, I want to try it for a while. The time when I thought so was the time to learn. This time, we have set up a "Wadaiko / Shinobue experience course". This is your chance to get to know each other well and improve your ensemble power. It's delicious once and twice. Please take this opportunity to join us.

​ Date: November 4, 2019 (Monday / holiday)

Venue: Bumb Tokyo Sports Culture Center

2-1-3 Yumenoshima, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0081


 Kenichi Koizumi  
Kenichi Koizumi 


Studied under Eitetsu Hayashi, a leading Japanese drum player

Based in Sydney

Participated in the Japanese drum group "TAIKOZ". After returning to Japan, started solo activities. Co-starred with various artists. Performances abroad are also in more than 20 countries.


Tatara Toki 


The theme is how to resonate with the hearts of modern people by investigating bamboo flutes that are nostalgic and approach the soul of Japanese people. Composing and playing activities to pursue the possibility of Shinobue, which does not have solo songs in classical music, with both traditional Japanese classical playing techniques and techniques cultivated in learning Western music.


 Tatara Toki

​Time  table       



​9:00 受付開始​ 直接会場へお越し下さい


09:00 受付開始

09:30 講習開始

12:30 講習修了








13:00 受付開始  直接会場へお越し下さい


13:00 受付開始

14:00 講習開始

17:15 講習終了








9:00 受付開始​ 直接会場へお越し下さい


09:00 受付開始

09:30 講習開始

12:30 午前終了

14:00 講習開始

17:15 午後終了







​Sighn Up        

Let's start to learn!

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